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Alright (I hope this is the right section, I'm new), I recently built my very first computer, and it worked fine. In fact it has worked fine for everything until a couple of weeks ago. I installed Call of Duty 4 + 6 onto my computer and all the installation processes etc went alright. What happens is that after about 2-5 minutes of playing, the monitor will either:
Randomly go black
Have blue static for a brief moment and then go black
Or yesterday the image actually just froze on the computer
and/or give me driver irql not less or equal (blue screen). <- Now I tried fixing that but I'm not able to test to see whether I fixed it because all the above problems keep happening

At first I thought it was because my computer was draining all the power from the power strip, but I gave it an outlet of its own and the problem still continues. I tried updating my video drivers and still no luck. I checked my computer while running, and all the fans seem to be working fine, (I don't think it's an overheating problem). Essentially happens everytime I run Call of Duty 4, or 6. My video card is definitely good enough to run these games.
My stats:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 620
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2
RAM: Patriod 4GB DDR2/800
Video Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 5770
PSU: Cooler Master RS-460 (460 watts)

Again It's my first build so I'm pretty clueless as to what's going on
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  1. Is that the first thing that is CPU/GPU intensive that your doing? It could definatley be an overheating issue.

    What to do:
    Get HWMonitor and run it, it will monitor your temps.
    Get Prime95 and run it with HW open, put it on "small FFTs". Make sure the CPU temps don't go above 65+.
    Run that for around 30 minutes to make sure your CPU is stable. If that goes well then its not your CPU.

    Get Furkmark and run it with "Stresstesting" option also tick the temp sensor option (I think theres one). Run that for around 30 minutes and make sure the GPU temp doesn't get too hot (I'm not sure what temp you should Bing it).

    Get memtest from here:
    Run that till 100% and see if you get any errors.

    If none of that is a problem it is likely the game or OS. Though I'm not sure on the quality of that PSU either, it could be a PSU problem. That could be triggered when your running some tests though.

    Theres something to look at.
  2. Alright so I ran the HW monitor and everything seemed to be fine, all my 4 cores were either under or at 30C. However something under the temperatures tab labeled TMPN_2 (something like that) was at 65C. It wasn't till I also ran Prime95, and hit small FFTS, and kept the default stress tests at 4 when my computer messed up. It started running and I checked my temperatures for the CPU and they started rising to about 45C , about 20 seconds later I got a blue screen (i'm not sure about the exact temperature at shut down), and my computer shut down, .The blue screen went away too quickly so I wasn't able to see the error message except that there was some 'memory error' <-I think, and that the computer is shutting down to protect you etc. I guess it's the CPU, but I hope that means I don't have to replace it. :(

    Note: I haven't tried the other tests yet
  3. Ok good work, you narrowed it down to the CPU. Its probably not from heat as your temps were fine and also often there is a hard shutoff (not a bluescreen) as the BIOS is set to shutoff after a certain temp.

    99% chance you won't have to replace your CPU. Also it would be under warranty right?

    Are you confident with the BIOS? Because thats were you'll be going...also you didn't OC right?
  4. My CPU is under warranty if I haven't 'misused it'. I can't think of any way I violated the warranty yet, I also used the heatsink provided.
    When you say are you confident with the BIOS are you referring to the error message? I'm positive I saw the word 'memory' at the top, followed by a bunch of stuff I wasn't able to see.
    I'm not sure if I overclocked (that's what OC is right?), how do I check that?
  5. All right I ran the memory test, I ran about 625 MB for each core (even though I'd still have about 1.5 GB of untested ram) within the first minute all of those tests gave me error messages unfortunately my computer blue screened before I could read them. It seems that my computer blue screens at all these tests :( I think it could be a memory problem?
    As a note my computer doesn't only blue screen when playing call of duty, pretty much any video game. It's just browsing the internet doesn't cause anything.
    Also the error message that appears on the blue screen on a regular crash (when playing a video game) is 0x0000003b <-something like that followed by a bunch of stuff
  6. Ok by BIOS I mean the BIOS interface, the blue one.

    Yes OC is overclock.

    The reason why it doesn't crash on the internet is because your not taxing it out. It could be either CPU or memory, though CPU should be tried first.

    Basically you seem to have a instability with your hardware. First easy check:

    Enter the BIOS, tap [DEL] on start up (might be different but this is most common). Now go to the tab that is something to do with "Managment" this can be different so you might need to check them all and find the one that has "CPU Multiplier" settings. Though it may be easier to read in your motherboard manual where it is.

    Now once you have found the "Multiplier" setting, change its value to something much lower. Just put it to something low like 8 or 10.

    Save this and start up. To save go back to the menu and press F10 (again this might be different) and boot into Windows. Now run the P95 test again.

    Basically this just underclocks the CPU so that you can tell whether it is to do with CPU voltage.
  7. Sorry to ask but I went to CPU clock ratio in my BIOS under MB intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.). If I hit enter it shows something for x5, x5.5, x6....x8 all the way to x13. Is this what you were referring to?
    Right now it is set at auto
    The motherboard manual defines this place as "Allows you to alter the clock ratio for the installed CPU" this is what you were referring to right? So i change it to x8?
    Again sorry, I'm very new to this stuff
  8. Yep thats it, just stick it to 7 or 8. Then do the test.

    To be on the safe side set it to 6.
  9. All right so first I set the clock ratio to x7 ran the prime95 test on small FFT with 4 torture tests and it failed. Then I saw your edit, and ran it at x6 with the same settings (small FFT with 4 torture tests), and it's working! So far when I type this message I would have ran it for about 1 hour (and I'll still run it for a bit longer to make sure it's stable).

    EDIT: Oh my Cpu was between the ranges of about 44-46C (pretty stable) temperatures throughout
    I don't know if 4 tests is too small or not

    Another EDIT: I don't know if this is relevant but i had my computer on for about 2 hours running the test and then terminated the test and just left it idling for about half an hour, suddenly it blue screened giving me BAD_POOl_header.
    Is this another completely irrelevant problem? My system seems to be full of bugs
  10. Grr, your problems are weird. It shouldn't of had a difference between 7 and 6 really. Your temps are fine, though the fact that you got a BSOD with the x6 multi makes it seem like something else it up without running P95.

    I think run memtest with the x6 multi and see if you get any errors.
  11. Alright ran mem test with 4 separate simultaneously each with 625MB of RAM so it would test about 2.5GB out of my 4GB of total RAM. Now everything went fine for about 7 minutes with my CPU at about the 34C range, and then I got blue screened with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Oh and this was with the CPU at x6

    As a side note: I won't be able to do anything on my computer till tomorrow morning
  12. Ok I am thinking this must be a more central issue like the PSU. That PSU is utter crap and is the exact same as the 400w model. Considering 5770s have a recommended wattage of 500 your cutting it pretty fine. Though with this said quality 350W PSUs can run a 5770.

    If you have access to another PSU, preferably quality test it with that. This is the most preferable option so don't dismiss it.

    If not then I'd say remove the graphics card and try that running off the integrated. Then run the tests.
  13. With x6 or Auto setting for the CPU multiplier settings? Also would it work if I just plugged in the monitor video cable into the motherboard's video card? Or is it better to physically take out the graphic card
  14. Nah probably best to take the graphics card out. The graphics card would probably still run if its in and the motherboard might not enable the graphics if its not out.

    Why can't you take it out? Is there a problem?

    I'd say just keep the x6 settings for now and see if it works. Then if it does run it at auto.
  15. All right something really strange happened. I took out the graphics card, ran the CPU at x6. I opened up windows etc. (screen resolution was off but that doesn't matter), then ran prime 95. This time it crashed within the first 2-3 minutes and gave me that other strange error BAD_POOL_HEADER... My Cpu temps were at about 40C. What is going on?!
  16. Ok so its probably a memory issue then.

    Now run memtest86+ from a flash drive. Its very simple all you need is an empty flash drive that you install it to. Then on startup enter the boot menu and select the flash drive, got it? Heres the installer:
    You will lose all data on the flash drive so make sure its empty. This is more reliable then the windows one.

    Before running it reset the CMOS, on gigabyte boards you normally short out two pins. You should be able to see it in the manual.

    If you get errors take one stick out, then if you get errors put the stick back in and take the other one out. This is so your only testing one at a time.

    If you get errors with both single sticks it is liekly not the memory and is the motherboard or CPU.
  17. should I continue to do this without the graphics card? and x6 multiplier etc.
  18. Yeah without the graphics card, the x6 multi will be reset to normal when you reset the CMOS.
  19. Sorry I'll be out of town for a bit and won't be able to test till Friday

    So when I reset the CMOS it will go back to default, should I keep it that way (meaning don't change it to x6 again?) Also should I load Optimized Defaults in the BIOS?

    Second, why would I get problems now and not when I first built the PC? Does that mean faulty hardware? When I first built the PC i was able to play games without any problems and everything was good. Then the error message came up a few times, and I tried to pass it off, and then now it happens all the time.
  20. Yeah load optimised defaults.

    The fact that it got progressively worse seems to point to the PSU most likely. Though other factors could also be at fault mostly RAM so make sure you test it when you get time.
  21. Hmm I have about $60 to spend on a PSU (possibly a bit more). Is it worth buying one and testing it out, like a 500W one or something. That is if a distributor such as Newegg will let me return it after testing it out if it doesn't work. Otherwise I don't have easy access to another better PSU.
  22. Hey, I don't really know. I think a local shop is more likely to let you return it...

    Also maybe a computer shop would let you test on their PSU for free or cheap, I don't know.

    No friends with alright PCs?

    Oh well test the memory then we'll see.
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