OK guys,

Like many of you here I was a crossfire noob trying to get 2 5850's to work together seamlessly and not have issues. Well for the past 2 weeks I was having problems with it and I searched and searched and tried EVERYTHING. Switching the cards in the slots, uninstalling cards and games, uninstalling C++ and .net. reinstalling WIN7, updating EVERYTHING and so on. NOTHING WORKED.

Soooo I went back to basics. Ran Cleansweep and wiped our every trace of ATI driver and software that I could, cleaned the registry, ran disk cleanup, defragmented and reinstalled the 10.5 drivers, STILL I HAD PROBLEMS.

Then I thought, perhaps it's just the way that the cards and drivers are talking to the game, not windows. So I looked at my settings in BFBC2 and i had tried everything in the video settings except maxing out everything. I was going the max out the settings but then I thought about the settings in CCC and went back to check them. Sure enough they were at the default settings which are pretty modest. I maxed out everything and placed a check mark wherever I saw "let application decide" Then I went to BFBC2 and maxed out everything there. Then I did a full shut down (don't know why but I feel doing this as opposed to a restart is better) and start up and tried the game out and it WORKED!!!! Everything was GLORIOUS!

So before you go insane playing around with the settings try this.

- go into CCC and max out everything in CCC

- Place a check-mark wherever it says "let application decide"

- Go into the game and max out everything in VIDEO

- Shut down

- start it up

- Try out the game and see what you get.

**** For those trying to fix the issues with BFBC2, make sure you keep the DXversion at "auto" in settings.ini

Here are my specs:

Asus P6T mobo

Intel i7 930 2.8ghz

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

12 gigs DDR3

Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000W

2 CF cards Primary: Power Color 5850 Secondary: Asus EAH5850

10.5 ATI driver suite

Biggest issue: BFBC2 crazy a$$ graphic problems in the game.
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  1. Mhhh, I would always get incredible lag at the start and for a few minutes, and it would crash at times.
    I just alt+enter and it fixed itself D:
    Playing on a 5770 and an athlon IIx4
  2. This is about a Crossfire setup and issues surrounding it. It has nothing to do with your setup.

    Folks, please don't skew the thread by posting a reply that is unrelated... It screws up the purpose of this thread which is to help those who are having the same issues I had.
  3. I just recently installed crossfire 5770's and i have problems right off tha bat. It did recognize i was Xfire but i didn't see any FPS gain when playing BC2. Had tha latest drivers and all that. Turned out i have to Roll Back to 10.5 driver in order for the gains to come n play. ODD?
  4. Yes that is odd,

    I am still testing the 11.1 drivers but so far 10.4 and .5 are winning this battle.
  5. Yeah i tested 11.1 driver and still tha same results. Still rolled back to 10.5
    This sucks ......I wonder if it has to do to tha fact that im using 2 different brands GPU.(XFX & MSI)
    But shouldn't make a difference right?
  6. Although I have 2 5850s in my rig, they are different cards. the Primary is an Asus EAH 5850 and the other a Powercolor 5850. Some people with different cards have flashed them to the same bios which in theory should be OK and should run your system seamlessly but when I flashed both the Asus and the Powercolor to the latest Asus bios for the 5850 the Powercolor kept crashing. Then I looked at the cards and the Powercolor 5850 is definitely a bigger card than the Asus. This lead me to the conclusion that event though they are 5850's the guts are slightly different and thus the bios for the Asus does not fit the Powercolor card.

    I reverted the Powercolor card back to its original bios and have not had any real problems since. So my advice to you is you can*try* flashing the cards so that they are essentially the same but if they differ in size and shape expect problems.

    Here is the link to the site that showed me how to flash the cards. Follow it to the letter and READ EVERYTHING BUT MAKE SURE YOU USE A 5770 BIOS. If the flash is unsuccessful the program will not erase the ROM meaning your card is not f*cked so the risk is pretty minimal.

    Here is a link to the site that has all the bios ROMs on file.

    Good luck!
  7. Congrats OP, you've learned that you can't force settings through CCC for every game. It's always better to set the settings IN GAME, and only if the game doesn't support a setting should you attempt to force it through.

    It has nothing to do with even crossfire or with CCC being "screwed" or broken.

    Also, instead of flashing one card's bios onto the other, the first thing to try would be to set them to the same clocks via MSI Afterburner. If it works fine, you can try overclocking them. The best thing to do would be to copy both BIOSes using GPUZ, then modify them with Radeon Bios Editor, then reflash the cards with whatever new clocks you set. Keep in mind BIOS flashing isn't necessarily "safe" although I've had relatively few problems with it.
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