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I finished installing a new system. Both my HDD and DVD drive are SATA. Both have power and are working fine. I have hooked up HDD to SATA1 and DVD to SATA2 (have 6 in total).

When I have both of them hooked up the screen passes the company logo and then just stays blank with the _ symbol flashing.

When I have just the HDD hooked up its the same issue.

But when I have just the DVD drive hooked up it boots into the dvd drive.

Can someone tell me how to fix this issue?

Also whenever I try to hit DEL to enter bios it wont enter with both of them hooked up and un-plugged.

Its been a while now and am getting really frustrated with it. So any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Can you please list your computer specifications?
    Okay first get into Bios. However you can, doesn't matter what is connected. Once you are in Bios go to your boot options/devices. Once there make sure your DVD drive is set as the first boot device and your Hard Drive is set as the second one. Make sure both are also set to AHCI. Next put the CD into the DVD drive, shut the system down, reboot. IF you have no boot media, it can't boot.
  2. Well managed to get into bios after resetting the jumper and removing the battery. Everything is fine now other than bios being unable to detect the SATA HDD. It is detecting the SATA DVD drive though. Looking up to see how I can fix this.

    Comp Specifications.

    Cpu Athlon II x4
    Ram DDR3 4 gb 1600hz
    HDD seagate baraccuda 500gb 7200 rpm
    DVD drive is Lite on.
  3. Forgot to mention motherboard its MSI 760GM-E51
  4. the biggest idiot in the world. Sorry for wasting everyone's time. Its all clear as where I made the mistakes. The MB I bought had only 1 ps2 port so was using 2 ps2 to 1 ps2 port connector. It was apparently faulty and when I removed the connector it worked fine.

    As for the HDD not being able to get detected.......didnt hook it up with power cord after I switched the connector out -.-'. So once again my apologies it was just a human blunder and thank you Black for trying to help me out.
  5. ^Ha, no problem. Sometimes simple issues always get the best of us :).
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