What is a DVD drive?

Recently, I have often read many threads that have talked about DVD drive. But, what is a DVD drive?
Is that a drive with a DVD, just like a card Reader with a memory card?
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  1. A DVD drive is used to read DVDs and in some cases, depending on the drive, it can write to a recordable DVD (DVD-R, DVD+R) to allow you to store data or create a DVD video. The drive is capable of playing DVD movies as well. The DVD drives do not come with a DVD. Think of a DVD drive for your computer as a DVD player for your TV with the difference being that a DVD for your computer can also store programs and data.
  2. DVD driver is a really common component of a computer. You must see it before. Have you ever run a DVD on your computer or laptop? Before you can see the film or anything else on this DVD, you should firstly find a pace to plunge the DVD, right? That place is called DVD driver.
  3. Have you understood it? An article explains it like this: “A DVD drive is a component of a computer or other electronic device designed specifically to utilize digital versatile discs, or DVDs. They are installed on everything from desktop computers, laptops, DVD players, cars, televisions and many other devices and areas. They have grown from their first inception in 1997 to the Blu-Ray discs today. This media will most likely change as the industry demands more and more performance.”
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  6. Thank you for your quick responding. It seems that I have asked a really stupid question. Thanks a lot!
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