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Browsing through this site over the past few months has been "eye opening" to say the least. I am amazed at how far technology has advanced since the start of the 21st Century :o

My current PC was bought in early 2002 and retailed for almost $2000...Pentium 4@2Ghz,512MB RAM,ATI Radeon 7000 Series R100 64MB,WindowsXP

As you can see I am in need of an OVERHAUL...LOL

I have targeted November 2011 as my purchase's what I'm looking forward to.

AMD's Bulldozer,Zambezi/Interlagos,Valencia

PCIe 3.0 *Due May-August 2011

Light Peak *Due 2011

PRICE DROP in SLC SSD's *Crosses fingers

Build Plan:

CPU: Like Intel's power but dislike it's upgrade/compatibility path,that said AMD ALL THE WAY!!!

GPU: Nvidia GeForce "Kepler" Fastest single-card GPU on planet!

M/B: ASUSTeK/Gigabyte Technology/Micro-Star International/Elitegroup Computer Systems...whichever supports newest features first(PCIe3.0)


HDD: Raid 0-6 min#drives 2-4 (what is best for gaming) SATA III 6/GBs

SSD: Micron RealSSD P300 50-100GB for OS,few apps

ODD: Samsung BD/DVD drive SH-B123L

PSU: Something efficient,quiet and cool.

Case: Full-tower with good layout design.

Budget: $2000-$3000

Your input is greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. Cant give you input on anything that far in advance, hell i cant even tell you around how much a 6970 will cost when it comes out, let alone if kepler, or bulldozer will even be out by then, they should be but we never know. Post again about 3 weeks before you plan to buy, then we can give you suggestions, but in the mean time my crystal ball is out of commission for a while so i cant make any suggestions.
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    I'd start looking at the PSU (SeaSonic would be a good place to start), and Case (I like my HAF-932, but this is mostly personal preference) Not too much will change in this department.

    Decide whether you want to go with a water cooled setup, after market HSF, or wait a couple of years on your stock cooling before OC, if you keep your systems for a while.

    AMD doesn't tend to make a ton of desktop CPU's, so that should be an easy choice to make a couple of weeks out. RAM should be even easier, it'll still be DDR 3, and JDEC is supposed to set standards for speeds above 1333.

    SSD should have significant price drops by then, as well as now controllers. Start looking a couple on months out from your buy date here.

    Grab whatever a cheap Blue Ray Drive at the time. Physical media is pretty much dead, and you'll rarely use it anyway.

    If you prefer NVidia, then it should be simple to choose their high end card at the time.

    Note that Nov. 2011 should be around the time win 8 comes out, so consider grabbing the RTM if it's not out when you do purchase rather than buying 7. if it proves to be worth it) and that ivy bridge will be just around the corner, I wouldn't wait for it, it is beyond your planning horizon, and if you keep waiting on every new thing, you'll never upgrade. Just be prepared to deal with that.
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