Building New Computer PLEASE HELP

Hi there, I'm a complete noob to this, so bare with me here

I'm looking to make me a computer from scratch, this will be my first time, I'm a bit scared because of buying the right parts, below is my SO FAR list of what items I'm getting to build my computer




Graphics Card

Now my PC case has a 480W included with it

1st question
Will this all be supported?

2nd question
do you think I need more Watts than 480?

3rd question
what optical & hard drive should I get?

4th question
if I get a hard drive that is a SATA 3.0Ghz, it usually is Bare bone, what cables do I need with it to properly install?

I would really appreciate any help

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  2. To answer your question best fill our sub forums' standard template ^^
    Also mention specific model/make of any reused hardware and wattage is a really bad gauge on how dependable/reliable a PSU is hehe
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    1. Yes
    2. Probably not, but if you're unsure google, "Power Supply Calculator"
    3. Samsung Spinpoint F3 for HDD, for an optical drive, I guess a Lite On one would work fine
    4. AFAIK, just a SATA cable
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