Created a backup, but can't find it any more?!

So recently my installation of winodws started having issues. I couldn't fix the issues by restore points or by doing a system repait with the Windows Cd, so I decided to do a full reinstall. So I booted up into Ubuntu 10.10 off a USB drive, and copied the 52GB of so of data off my SSD onto my internal HDD. I copied the data into a new folder I named "SSD Backup". But when I went looking for that backup under Windows, I couldn't find it? I decided to go back into Ubuntu and couldn't find it there either... I created the backup folder in the root of the drive to make finding it easier, yet I don't see it at all. The drive I copied to is a 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue. I remember the free space of the drive being around 261GB after the backup in Ubuntu, and it still shows as 261Gb under Windows. This doesn't make sense...
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  1. i think u made a mistake. not copy all files just create a shortcut.
  2. No, I definitely remember copying the files. If there was a window saying there was a transfer of 52GB happening and taking some time to complete, then it was definitely copying.
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