My mobo was displaying 'abnormal cpu/chipset error' ?

Hi people,

I recently bought some new heatsinks for my ram (to make it look expensive when it really was not xD) and when I put them in, I booted up my computer but there was no post, fans just cycled. Then, I reseated the ram and it started, but there was no post. Fans just kept on spinning.

Then, I noticed on my mobo that it was displaying both the debug LED's off, which means 'Abnormal CPU/Chipset error'.

I thought it was nothing to do with the CPU, because that's impossible (i never touched it), so I returned the motherboard to the place I bought it from. I don't have any other motherboard to test the cpu with, and I don't have any cpu to test the motherboard with either. I also don't have access to the motherboard because I have already sent it off to be returned.

The new one is going to come in a few days, but I'm starting to doubt that it is the mobo. What if it's the CPU? Is that possible? Is there anyone else here with the same problem that I had?

Thanks in advance! :)

PS. Specs
Biostar TP-67B+ Socket 1155 Mobo
Intel Core i5 2300
ATi HD 6850 (MSi Cyclone)
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  1. *bump*
    anyone have any information to help me out?
    Also, I was using a 4pin 12v power connector to power the cpu, when the socket was 8pin 12v. In the manual it said that this is supported, but do you think this could be the problem too?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes if the mobo requires 8pin cpu power it's recommended if not required.
    I built a system that said the same thing in the manual.
    Wouldn't post with 4pin.
    My psu also had 8pin and once it was plugged in posted right away.
    What psu do you have?
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