How to remove write protection from my USB flash drive?

Recently, I bought a new USB flash drive and transferred some family photos on it. However, yesterdays, as I tried to copy some of them, a message popped out and said: “This Disk is write protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.” I don’t understand. What is “write-protection”? How could I remove it? Any idea could be appreciated.
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  1. The Wikipedia dictionary explains the write protection like this: “Write protection is any physical mechanism that prevents modification or erasure of valuable data on a device. Most commercial software, audio and video is sold pre-protected.”
  2. Simply speaking, write protection is merely a kind of function that only allows one to read the inner data on a drive or memory card, not transferring, writing or even deleting the data. In that aspect, write protection is designed to protect the data free from any unexpected change.
  3. Therefore, if you want to copy your photos, you should firstly remove the write protection.
    Could you find a switch on the USB flash drive to disable it?
    If there is no any switch like that, you need to remove it manually like this:
  4. Thank you for your detailed explaining. I have learned a lot. I will try your ways immediately.
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