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Gt 240 overclocking

All this tym... we had spent a lot of focus on reviewing,benchmarking,judging price tags and watching how it fairs but when it comes to overclocking I'v only found ratings and pages on factory overclocked versions.Can anyone please tell how far can I manually overclock an XFX gt 240 GDDR5???

I know dat it has d same GPU(GT 215) as of the GT 220 which comes with 625MHz core clock at stock value so the 240 can be overclocked to a lot extent(Nvidia is only launching this card at 550MHz to cut down costs).Any views on actual overclocking limitations of dis card will prove as utmost importance to me so please help.

thx :hello:
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    Yes, I know this was an aftermarket and not a reference card, but it's a good indication of what it can be pushed to.

    (This was done without adding voltage to the GPU)

    Core Clock: 550mhz
    Shader Clock: 1360mhz
    Memory Clock: 1700mhz

    Core Clock: 640mhz
    Shader Clock: 1554mhz
    Memory Clock: 2011mhz
  2. Surely nice info thr I also check dis site oftn bt may hav somehow missed it.
    thx agn...

    My current oc state is
    shader~1522 }MHz

    guess I'v much more room 2 increase my bandwidth thn
  3. Yep, and that's still w/out any voltage increase. Just be careful in case you want to tread down that path, otherwise your GPU cores will die a fiery hot death : (
  4. The only problem is I'm using an aging system d very old 610I version of nforce motherboards and so setting stability amgst overclocking is a big challenge. :(
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