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ATI drivers won't install

Hey all,

I've been having issues trying to play CIV V in xfire mode with ATI's latest drivers (10.9), so I decided to roll back to 10.5's since I'd never had any issues with it before. Well, long story short, after attempting to rollback to 10.5, which failed, now 10.9 won't install. To rollback, I used driversweeper, so that deleted 10.9, but 10.5 drivers won't install at all. I go through the catalyst installation, everything installs, then when it's done, I get a warning that errors occurred. When I view the log file it says that the drivers failed to install. I got the drivers to install from the original cd that came with the card, but now I'm stuck using really old drivers (GPUZ says I'm running 8.66). I've tried to go to device manager, uninstall the display adapters, reboot, then go back to dm and point it to ati/support/packages/drivers (something like that) route and that didn't work. Says no drivers are located there or something like that. Any help would be appreciated. I'd rather not do a fresh install, but it appears I'm running out of options.

i5 750 @ 2.6ghz
asusp7p55d pro
4gb gskill ripjaws
ocz 60 gb vertex ssd
1tb samsung spinpt f3 hd
2 xfx 5770s xfired
antec 750w psu

edit: running w7 32-bit
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  1. Have you tried updating your drivers to something in between? Trying perhaps 9.x first, then maybe 10.5?

    Otherwise, that's very strange. Driversweeper may be missing something from the removal of your old drivers that's preventing the installation of any new ones.
  2. I've considered it. It can't hurt much. What's weird is CCC won't install either with any of the later drivers. The installer would create a CCC folder, but when I go to the start menu, it says the folder is empty.
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    Then I would wager that Driversweeper's missing something. Unfortunately, formatting might be your only option.

    Look on the bright side, your startup time will be super fast again!
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