I just got me new monitor and it's acting weird :'(

I just got that monitor and trying to play some games. The first game I tried was an old rts from 2003. I put it in full screen at 1920x1080 and the freaking monitor screen shakes!! it's like I'm playing at 10 fps , but the game is constant 60fps (coz it's old). And it doesn't matter what res i am at... I mainly got this monitor to play this gam :cry:

ohh yeah crysis is like this too!!
Does anyone know what's worng

ati 5850
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  1. Lower your refresh rate to 50 hz while playing at 1080i.

    That should eliminate the shakiness.
  2. So only hdmi and vga?
  3. Check your video settings, make sure you're running at 60hz. What happens if you lower the resoltion?

    Does it look like that in any game at that resolution, how about in Windows?
  4. mw2 is fine

    I tried at 50 hz , and it fixed it but it create another problem: when i move it becomes blurry... like Motion Blur (or like high ms time?)

    I'm using The Hdmi cable that came with this monitor and I'm plugging it to the DVI in the 5850 with the dvi2hdmi adapter.

    EDIT: I'm fine with that (50hz), thanks for help!!
  5. Hmmmm...

    Can you try a straight DVI connection?
  6. borisof007 said:

    Can you try a straight DVI connection?

    Looking at his monitor, he'll need a dvi to vga.
  7. Wow, it only has HDMI and VGA. That's lame : \

    Honestly, I'd return that monitor if possible and get a better one. So many people have complained about it online.
  8. No I like it!. I'm totally fine now!

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