ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 - BIOS elements missing?

I recently got a Z68 Extreme3 Gen3.
I am trying to overclock my i5-2500K on this board, but when I go into BIOS all I get is this:

(sorry for the shitty quality, couldn't get the screencap feature to work in BIOS)

These are not NEARLY the options stated in the Motherboard manual or from any other screenshots I've seen of the OC Tweaker tab in BIOS.
I'm missing tons of elements like "Load Optimized CPU OC Setting" and so on.

Anyone has any idea what the issue is? Is this just me being a noob or something else going on?
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  1. Have you checked all the sub categories?
  2. I have.
    By all accounts this is how the screen should look:

    (Borrowed from This thread)
  3. You might have to go in different tabs and put different settings on manual to get some of the options since Auto settings will hide them.
  4. I've run through all the settings and tabs in BIOS several times before but nothing seems to bring more options to the OC Tweaker tab.
    I will try and run through everything again and see if I missed something :)
  5. Remember you will have to go to manual from Auto for anything to change.
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    Disable advanced turbo 50, that's the auto oc function which is why it's hiding the other options. It should've been off by default, mine was.
  7. I went through everything I could find, but nothing seemed to add anything else in the OC Tweaker tab.

    Though I noticed something strange, in the BIOS my CPU shows up at 4800MHz. I then checked CPU-Z and ASRock's own AXTU.

    This is what I got;

    In CPU-Z it seems to be switching between 1596MHz and 4790MHz, I've read that this could be eliminated by disabling Speedstep in BIOS which I did to no avail.
    And in ASRock Extreme Tuner it shows up as 4800MHz just like the BIOS.
    I also checked dxdiag and that shows it at 3.30GHz, but I'm not sure how reliable that is?

    EDIT: It seems like k1114 answered this post while I was typing it. I'm gonna try that, thanks for the tip :)
  8. That seems to have been the issue :) advanced turbo 50 had set it automatically to 4.8GHz, throttling it down to 1.6GHz most of the time.

    Thanks for the help :)
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