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Hey, I need help. I need to know how to get my xBox on xbox live.

I have charter internet, a Charter Router that says Arris on it, a Scientific Atlanta Modem(or maybe its a router not sure), A lynksys 3 Ethernet cables, and a USB cable.

The Scientific Atlanta router has the following inputs: Power, Reset, Ethernet, USB, and Cable.

The Arris Modem has the same but it also has two Telephone inputs.

Linksys Router (Wireless G Model: WRT54GS) which has an internet input and five ethernet inputs.

I've tried hooking my xBox up through both ethernet cables inputs but it didn't work. My xBox said my computer might not be assigning an IP adress. And when I connected Lynksys to the modem and connected my xBox to Lynksys with an ethernet cable. It got one step farther on the test connection on xbox however it says DNS server can't find the names of the Xbox Live servers or

Where do I need to connect the cables to get my xBox on live. Prhaps I need to change settings using my computer? BTW If I can't have a computer hooked up at the same time I'm fine with that. I want Live! :P

Please help me, I haven't been on live in forever and I have a chance for the next few days.

Here is a diagram of my setup:

Cable/Charter wire-------2 way splitter---------Scientific Atlanta---------Linksys Router-------xBox 360----X---Live:(

2 way splitter |---------Arris Device

(Sorry If i posted this in the wrong area)
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  1. You should be connecting the XBox behind the Linksys Router. I'm not sure what the Arris device is or where it sits, but the XBox should be next to your computer in how it connects.
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