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Looking for someone who has owned a razer ironclad gaming mouse pad for an extended period of time. I hear the coating wears off after a few months, is this true? Is it really as durable as they say? Also any opinions about the ironclad would be appreciated also. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Bump, I find it hard to believe that no owners have any opinions about this mousepad since it is back-ordered on almost every website that sells it. Please anyone own this? How do you like it? There is only 1 review on amazon so I need more input.
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  3. Yes, and they are out of stock as well. I just don't understand why they are all bought up but no one will give us a owners review of the item.
  4. Before I abandon this thread I just want to be sure, from the lack of response I have to assume that no one on the entire tom's hardware forums owns a Razer ironclad. Thus, no one can attest to its durability or level of satisfaction with the product.
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  6. I am sorry for noticing this thread late. I actually own a ironclad. From what i experienced, this is the best mouse pad i have ever seen and used. Surface is very smooth, great for any kind of game. I use a razer mamba mouse on it, and and it gives me great control. Now enough with the good sides, yes its surface may wear off. It happened to me, so i changed it. second mouse pad hasn't got any problems -yet-. Look friend it is a really great mouse pad but it may make really angry after paying that much money. (I live in Turkey, I bought it for 90$ and mamba for 165$, in USA i guess prices are around 50$ for ironclad which is still too high for a pad) you could try scarab, destructor or goliathus too. They are really good mouse pads. If you have any further questions, please reply to this.
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