Deleted partitions and then formatted - Need to reverse to access data

Hi guys,

I was reconfiguring my machine and wanted to get rid of a few partitions and start from scratch. I thought I had backed all my essential files up, but I stupidly didn't check whether they had been copied over fully, which they hadn't.

So I ended up deleted the partitions and then running a full disk format. I would really like to know if I can reverse this so that I can access the data. Most of the major softwares tend not to look beyond the format and into the old partitions. I've not written on the drive since format, hoping that my stupidity hasn't cost me!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I'm sure I did a full format, I can't remember the exact method (in the past I used to run format c: in DOS) but this time I think I did it from the partition management system in windows.
  2. Also, just to clarify it's an internal HDD.
  3. You require TWO THINGS:
    1) another drive with enough space to copy over any data you find

    2) a program to recover data from a formatted drive. You can look for free software however I had the best success with this program:

    Here's how it works:
    Step 1 - run the software and have it SCAN the formatted drive for files
    Step 2 - Select the files it finds and COPY that data to your other hard drive
    Step 3 - Verify the files you copied over aren't corrupted then ORGANIZE them into folders.

    I ran R-Studio and found a partition, but I can't explore or view any files as it gives me the following error:

    "The selected disk does not contain any supported files systems or the file system is corrupted"
  5. FYI, a "complete format" takes hours. A "quick" format takes seconds. Very easy to tell them apart. Sounds to me like you're SOL.
  6. Its definitely a full/complete format, I was sure I didn't want any remnants of the old file structure! :(

    What does SOL mean? :whistle:
  7. As I know, there are countless recovery tools online. Some of them are free, some of them are paid. You should make your decision according to your practical conditions.
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