Best 2.1 speakers for $50-$70

Require speakers which would be the best bang for buck in the $50-$70 range. $70 is the max I can go. Lower the price the better, but wouldn't like to compromise on acoustic fidelity.

Date of purchase: As soon as I get a response from the experts.

I was thinking about these:

1. Creative Inspire T3100
2. Altec Lansing VS2621
3. Logitech X-210
4. Logitech Z313 / Z323
5. Altec Lansing Octane 7 VS4621

I'm leaning towards the Octane 7. Any suggestions?

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  1. Thanks for answering.
    But I think I read somewhere that the T3130 didn't get very good reviews.
    Any other suggestions?
  2. Bose Companion II available at Sam's Club for $70
  3. If you can spend $40 more get the Z-2300 for $110 shipped.

    CyberAcoustic speakers have good ratings on newegg but I haven't used any of them personally.

    Z-4 for $50; dented box use code logi_z4_21111. Regular warranty.
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