New SLI build, question!

Hey guys,

I'm sure a lot of people that are new to SLI have this same question, I can't find much about it on the internet.

When building a PC from scratch, can you put both the cards in and bridge them before installing Windows or would that cause an issue?

Would it be better to get all the drivers etc installed and working on Windows before dropping the second card in?

Thanks for any responses.

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  1. Thanks, so you're saying I should get it all working with one card and add in the second afterwards?
  2. ^ Yes, that would be better because of you run into any graphic card issues, you could single it out...
  3. That's probably what I'm gonna do then. Out of curiosity though, could you build a full SLI or CrossfireX system, boot and do a fresh install of Windows with no problems?
  4. ^ Yes you could do that too I guess...
  5. Thanks buddy. I appreciate it
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