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Motherboard: ASUS K8V-MX
Sata Hard Drive
One IDE DVD Drive

I would like to know the correct method of installing the following:
1. The floppy drive connector should be connected to the floppy drive with the red line on cable pointing to which side?
2. The Hard Drive is connected to the SATA port.
3. Which IDE Connector should the DVD drive be connected to? Primary IDE or Secondary IDE on the motherboard since hard drive is on the SATA port?
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  1. A floppy drive and an IDE hard drive? I forget which direction they should go, but if you look close at the plugs there should be a missing pin. Usually on most cables one of the pin locations is blocked. You should be able to see how they line up.

    The HD should go into the primary IDE plug and the DVD drive into whatever SATA port. In bios then double check the boot order of the drives.
  2. well I'm sorry buddy you didn't read the post or maybe I wasn't too clear :(

    1st issue: The floppy connector on the motherboard is easily identifiable as there is the missing pin, block on the connector cable, etc. The problem is on the floppy drive itself there is no indication as to which side the cable should be inserted because there's no blocked point or missing pin on the floppy drive or floppy connector cable.

    2nd issue: The Hard drive is a SATA and has its own SATA port so that is not an issue. The DVD drive being IDE type, my doubt was whether it should be connected to Primary IDE or Secondary IDE connector on the mother board since both ports are free.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  3. See what happens when I read stuff before I drink coffee. I can't believe people let me do that.

    Anyways, it should look something like this. The cable has a notch it it, which should limit the direction it plugs in. The red line will be on the left when looking at the back of the floppy drive in this example.

    Go for the primary IDE plug for the DVD. Should be the one to use.
  4. lol yep, I know what you mean. Thanks, I finally got it connected, sorry though the floppy drive in the link is different from what I installed here, but no issues the job is done.

    Btw that system had me up for three days on the trot with all sorts of issues. After successful install of the OS and all programs and updates, saw that the Front Panel USB was not connected so when I checked out the manual and connected the Front panel USB to the motherboard (of course with the system off) in the correct order, the system got into a boot error after starting and running for a while that too the USB ports were working too! Real Shame...

    Either this ASUS BIOS screws up the system or am not sure read some forums mentioning the same for this particular version VT8237. Removed the connection and Thank God I got my hands on my old UBCD for Windows CD, had the PC back up in a flash with a FIXMBR and FIXBOOT, after wasting some time on trial and error with a Partition Magic CD that had some disk checking software!!!

    Either that or the Hard Disk must be reaching end stage and the only other possibility is the SMPS power output is not enough considering it's a 300 watt one, but the number of components are few one hard disk and one writer, with a dead floppy drive so doubt it needs any more power. Hope it runs... Thanks for trying to help anyways... :D
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