Headphones dont work in front panel of my computer

Hello,my headphones dont work in the front panel of my computer. I hear a cliick sound when I insert it but it doesnt work. What's the problem? Thanks
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  1. Hello,

    Is the front audio option activated in the BIOS ? If not, simply enable it and it will work. (You'll probably have to choose between AC'97 and HD Audio)
    On the front audio connector itself, is it written AC'97 or HD Audio ? You must enable the correct option in your BIOS.
    Also, is the front audio connector of your case connected to your motherboard ?
    Do your speakers work, or, for that matter, if you plug your headphones in the motherboard backpanel itself, do they work ?
    If you have no audio whatsoever, it's probably a driver problem. Simply unistall it, then reinstall the newest version.

    Hope this helped,
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