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What is the biggest Bang for the buck in Computer cases?

I am building a new computer and I only have a little over 25 to spend on a new computer case, I need it to hold an ATX motherboard and be able to fit a GTX 470.
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  1. I would try to hit the NZXT Beta EVO/Gamma at least but those are about $40
  2. hmmm... i think i am going with a ATi 5870 now so would the nxzt beta evo/gamma work with the 5870?
  3. ^ The Gamma can fit the HD 5870...It has about 11.1" of space between the back panel and the HDD cage - This article would be pretty useful...,2723.html
    With additional fans, it is a very good case...
  4. Hmm have u checked out the HD6k? Also Cayman Pro/XT incoming so...

    HD6K: single/CF review
  5. NZXT Lexa S -

    Cooler Master HAF 912 -

    I recommend the Lexa S...
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