What all components should i change if i change my processor?

Hi this is Rodney I ve 2 questions,
1)I ve a Pc with Intel{R} Celeron{R} CPU 2.53GHz,1 GB RAM 80 GB hard disc and 32 bit configuration. As its too slow now I want to upgrade my PC to intel i5 processor, extend my hard disc by 250 GB, RAM by 2 GB and 1 GB Graphics Card. My question is that,Should I even change my Mother board too for makin these changes?
2)I m working on Windows XP OS now and i want to use Windows 7 so, Can I use Windows 7 by present configuration(mentioned in 1st question) or should I upgrade my PC?please help.......
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  1. You have no choice but to buy a new mobo,cpu,and ram.
    An i5 is not compatible with your current mobo.
  2. You need to build a whole new computer. YOu can use your 80gb drive as a back-up drive in your new computer, that's about it.
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