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ok, i might make a new build, i would have about 400 pounds for cpu, mobo, memory, case and psu, if i save i could get around 700 pounds, but i was wondering whether a decent intel q series quad chip would keep up if used for latest games and a decent gpu? i have an inspiron 530 not slim version, so please suggest!
i would have to buy the q cpu, so would it be cheeper to just buy a whole new build, or would an e2550 2.5ghz duel core be fine for now (i doubt it
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  1. How long are you willing to wait? Intel had Sandy Bridge arriving on Jan 11th 2011 and AMD has Bulldozer shortly after that. My suggestion is to save up to 700 pounds and go all out with Sandt Bridge.
  2. hmm, i was gonna wait till next year :D then theyd be cheeper? also, why not bulldoser?
  3. I meant Sandy Bridge or Bulldozer. Both look promising, though, i suspect that Sandy Bridge will edge out Bulldozer in performance but time will tell...
  4. cool, there any maybe prices? over 200pounds is pushing it
  5. Don't think there are any prices out just yet... This might shed some light though...
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