New to SSD. Have some questions.


I will be installing a SSD within the next couple of days and I am new to doing this.
Do you run steam on your SSD and the games on HDD or all of it on SSD?
Once I have everything set and ready whats the best way to migrate game or apps I want on the SSD?
What is the best way to delete Windows from my HDD?
Will I have an issue installing OEM Windows on my SSD with in being installed on my HDD?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Okay, if you are going to install a SSD the is no point playing your games from your HDD, you will not have any performance boost. And then, if you have set the correct boot order on your Mobo and you select the right disk in the windows intaller you should not have any problems. oh yeah, and if you are going to install an SSD then make sure you have set it to ACHI, otherwise you will have a lot of trouble....
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