How do i mix 2 types of memory sticks

I have an intel DP45SG motherboard with 2 sticks of corsair cm3x 1024-1333c9 (1.60v ver1.11). I tried to add 2 sticks of corsair cm3x 1024-1333c9dhx (1.5v ver2.4) and my computer powers up but doesn't boot. I am wondering if they are not compatible. I do not think I can get the original memory sticks anymore as I built the computer several years ago. My hope is to get rid of mt Vista home edition (32bit) and do a clean install of Windows 7 home 64 bit. Can anyone help?
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  1. Check what voltage it defaults to in BIOS! Over volt works better than under volt!
  2. Corsair doesn't support mixing sets but when using four DIMMs they recommend that you try a memory Voltage between 1.7-1.90 Volts for the CM3X1024-1333C9 and CM3X1024-1333C9DHX.
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