Is the i7-875k good/really good for hardcorde HD video editing?

i mean using premiere pro cs5, sony vegas, etc

because i'm editing 1080/60p footage, and i just wanna edit it and have the playback/editing SMOOTH as possible.

i'm assumin this, plus a radeon HD 6870 should do the job PLENTY well right? plus 8gb of 1600mhz ram
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  1. Actually, go with the i7 950.
  2. Better yet go with a Core i7-2600K and an Nvidia GTX 560. Nvidia is a better choice because CS5 has hardware acceleration support that only runs on Nvidia cards and the Core i7-2600K is a beast and even beats the i7-950 in most benchmarks. Obviously you'd have to wait for patched motherboards to be released, but that should happen in about a month and a half.

    You may want to go for a total of 16GB of RAM, the stuff is cheap and video editing requires a lot of it.
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