Biostar tpower i55: bios post code

i have just finished my pc using the tpower motherboard but it wont start up i have more than enough ram (16gb) tried using only 4 gb at a time and it didnt work got a new stronger power unit nd unpluged the disc drives and still nothing PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME
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  1. You need to list your board specs: model number, cpu, and bios file. I've had good luck with biostar tpower boards. You may have a bad ram stick or the ram may not be seated fully in the slot. Some ram slots are tight, but be sure your notch and edge of the ram on each side is lined up perfectly before applying pressure.
  2. its a t power i55 with an intel i5 core lga 1156 and standard bios
  3. Try reseating the power supply 24 pin connector; usually when it makes good contact and the power supply is plugged in, the fans on the board will turn briefly.
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