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I just love how cool a Liquid Cooled pc looks, but have no idea how much it will cost to get one. I have a HAF-X case, and i'm sure that will be enough to house any Liquid Cooling set up. The only problem is that I don't know what exactly is it that i need. I was thinking of spending around 350 on everything I need, but am willing to go up to 500. Don't worry about the CPU, GPU, or Voltage blocks, I will buy those on My own. I just need to know what I need to buy, and any recommendations that you guys have.

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  1. You'd be better off asking a cooling based discussion board, there are lot more enthusiasts there, don't think many people here have liquid cooling
  2. Do you have some links for me?
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    mk-ultra said:
    Do you have some links for me?

    The above link is a good place to start. Read the "sticky", think about it, then ask some questions...

    The New Number Two
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