Hi,recently i bought a 60gb ssd drive and im gonna use it on my pc only for windows installion i mean i use it only for booting not for any other installions.I also have a 1tb hdd and im wondering if im able to install games and programs on hdd instead of ssd(cause it has not enough free space).Am i restricted to make a folder named program files or whatever and instaling in there my games or programs?
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  1. No, that works fine. When you install stuff just make sure you do "custom" because some installers only give you the option of choosing where to install in the "custom" menus.

    Steam has an option to add a new library location, so you can install games wherever you want.

    I also highly advise you to make a 200-300GB partition on that 1TB HDD for programs so that they are installed in the fastest spots. Then make a 700-800GB "Media" partition. Don't forget to move your Docs/Pics/Vids/Music libraries to the Media partition.

    Also... you put this in the "Graphics" section :P
  2. 1. Wrong thread to post this in...
    2. There is no restriction. I have the same setup on my PC and I just make sure during any installation I change the default directory from C: to E: (Which is my drive letters.) and let it still install to E:\Program Files (x86)\.... There is no problem..
  3. Sorry i have just seen my mistake,i put it on graphics session :D Thanks for the suggestions :-)
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