No video output GTX 470

So, I had just finished putting together my new rig and was full of that anxious anticipation as I pushed the power button. The computer sprang to life and hummed contently, everything seemed fine; until until I realized that the screen was still dark.

The Gigabyte GTX 470 wasn't sending out video through either DVI port.

I then tried plugging into the VGA port on the monitor using an adapter, that worked long enough install Windows but soon stopped.

Even the integrated Radeon 4200 on the mobo wouldn't work until I unseated the videocard.

Any ideas? I'm thoroughly stumped and frustrated.

The power supply is a Corsair 650W. Rest of the parts include are a phenom II x4 955, 4GB Gskill DDR3, LiteOn Optical, WD 500GB HDD. The monitor is an 23.6" ASUS.
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  1. The card could be D.O.A, it happens.
  2. Is it possible that the mobo BIOS doesn't like the card? It's an ASUS M4A88TD-V
  3. That's a fairly new board so I would have thought it would be OK, is it using the latest BIOS version?
  4. It's using whatever came it came with, I've never updated a BIOS and wouldn't have the first clue where to start.

    Do you think that the mobo could be defective? It looks like something needs to be RMA'd, hopefully I pick the right one...
  5. I take it you don't have or cannot get another card to test with? In which case try to get the graphic card tested first as that's the easiest, then the PSU although I think that's unlikely to be the problem.
  6. Yeah, I have no way of testing it unfortunately.
  7. I also just discovered I've got no audio, just some weird electronic noises...

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