Problem with exaggerating writing to my SSD

Currently running a Samsung 840 Pro 256gb.

Using Crystalmark i've measured that i am using 10-20gb per day. How can it be? Everything i save from the internet i save on my local hhd drives and i haven't installed anything lately. It can't be e-mails either.

Does youtubing write to the disk? Heck does buffering media on my webbrowser (Firefox) write to the disk?

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  1. You say it's write, but are you sure it's not read also? Could be a combination of both. If the OS and pagefile, and all software and other caching software may need is all located on the SSD, I guess 10-20GB of activity per day could be normal (but others could confirm I'm not sure).

    People sometimes tend to get paranoid with SSD durability, but Samsung says your unit should be good for 1,500,000 hours of use so you're likely to change your system or buy a newer generation of SSD before this one reaches its end of life.
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