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i have an asrock motherboard 880gm-le that has an onboard hd 4250 that has supposedly advertised 2560x1600 dual-dvi support but i am only getting 1280x800. i used a older computer with 8600gt graphics card that works in that mode.
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  1. If your monitor is 1280*800 then that the highest it goes, what monitor is it?

    Though if it does, have you installed the AMD drivers?
  2. i have a hp 3065 30" monitor that has native 2560x1600 resolution.
    currently with the latest ati/amd drivers.
  3. Are you using a dual link cable? Also you are using the DVI connector right?
  4. yes i using a dual link cable.
    i have used it successfully with other desktop setups in the recent past.
  5. Try a different cable. It might have been damaged.

    Just to clarify, a dual link DVI cable has just 1 large set of pins and a flat pin.

    Make sure you have drivers installed even though it is a intergrated graphics chip.
  6. i did verify my monitor and dual link cable is working with another dual-dvi computer compatible computer getting 2560x1600 resolution. I have all the latest drivers installed. i wonder if this integrated graphics chip is capable of outputting dual link resolution at all. has anyone with this motherboard amd 880g ever gotten 2560x1600 to work?
  7. guys, my issue has been resolved!!!
    i was able to self-diagnose the problem.
    the answer to this problem in case anyone ever has this problem.
    if you have an AMI BIOS, you have to disable the HDMI audio under the advanced chipset configuration.
    and now i have native resolution on my 30" monitor!
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