Psu help

Hi :D , iv bough new pc

cpu:Phenom 2 x4 955 be
Ram: kingston 2Gb 1333mhz
HDD: 500GB caviar blue 320Gb caviar
and my psu is Corsair vx 450W

so the question is will the psu be able to handle a Gtx 460?
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  1. It should yes, but it doesnt leave you with too much headroom for expansion.
  2. what do you mean?
  3. You might not be able to overclock because your pushing your psu. You definitely wont be able to add another 460 in the future without a more powerful psu.
  4. dont think this motherboard supports sli xD ,
  5. Thanks fot answering :D
  6. no not sli, but crossfire. Sorry.
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