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Rather than a long list of units that are good and bad i feel that new people here could often use a list of units that are so bad they arent even worthy door stops to keep them from getting absolute crap. There are always lists of recommended parts, but for people with limited selection thats not to helpful so i feel that a list of absolute crap to steer clear of would be more useful for them. If you have one you want added to the list post it with a link to a review where it really failed, its a bit late so i havent generated a full list yet but i have a few, im going to be sorting this by brand then model to help keep it a bit organized.

If you are looking for a PSU, look through your options, look at this list, and rule out any that are on this list, they may be cheap, but they will do their best to fail spectacularly, and its not worth the risk

Aerocool - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Allied -Looking for reviews of specific lines

Aspire -Looking for reviews of specific lines

All units - BFG no longer exists thus there is no warranty support on any of their products.

GX series
GX 750W from HW secrets "it is only safe to run this new Cooler Master unit up to 450 W."
GX 650 from HardOCP "The Cooler Master GX 650W is a mediocre power supply for couple of years ago, and an outright failure today."

Coolmax -Looking for reviews of specific Flines

Diablotek(this one is going to have a lot i feel)
RPM-1050 Jonnyguru performance rating 2 out of 10

Demon - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Dynapower - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Eagle -Looking for reviews of specific lines

Eagletech -Looking for reviews of specific lines

Foxlink - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Hercules - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Balance King 450W(the 550w is decent) "[A]after a few minutes working at 450 W the power supply exploded."
Green Star series(all units) - the pages entitled "The Explosion" tell you why 350W 450W 550W

Kingwin - Not all line ups, the newer higher powered units are good

L&C - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Logic - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Linkworld - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Macron Power - Looking for reviews of specific lines

MGE - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Mustang - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Okia - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Powmax - Its just a promising name!

Power-Up - Looking for reviews of specific lines

Powerstar - Looking for reviews of specific lines

More to come
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  1. Saved for future
  2. Also saved for future use
  3. LOL Coolermaster power supplies are in the #^$& now! LOL. Thanks for update will make sure i stick to corsair PSU'S =)
  4. Not all of them, and the GX series is far from the worst units out there, see the huntkey units, but they still shouldnt be getting sold. Their other high powered line ups are fine, its just the GX series was designed to be a bit too budget oriented and got stuck with crappy caps.
  5. Heres a few to add to your list

    Aspire - Dangerous units
    Macron Power
  6. Jonnyguru has had a few good kingwin units so im going to have to see which lines blow up and which ones survive because they do have some good ones, but that does give a nice list of brands to check through to find explosions! Powmax sounds promising.
  7. Good work hunter315!
    I know i appreciate your efforts.
    You could most likely add Gigabyte's ODIN and ODIN Superb line.
    I've checked some out and the prognosis is not good.
    The entry level line is labelling the products at peak power,which as we know, is misleading.
    Gigabyte's is widely available and popular with our South Afirican and Australian members.
    The higher up offerings seem fine.
  8. Add to the list.....

    Rosewill (Newegg house brand)
    Dynex (BestBuy house brand)
  9. Rosewill was actually decent for me. I had a 530W continuous power 80+ Green Series powering up my current system stocked (stocked fan/no oc) and a 5850 with no problems whatsoever. I only changed because I wanted a modular PSU that was gonna have enough juice to power up my unlocked 6950/6970.
  10. I have never seen reviews of the CoolMax CA line (500 and 600 watt PSU's), but they are a better than average :O PSU by Saudi Arabian standards.

    I have used a couple and they are fine when powering basic computer systems. Internals look "not bad" when compared to generic junk. I would derate by 20% or so. Instead of 500 and 600 watt PSU's, I consider them 400 and 450 watt PSU's.
  11. What about Gigabyte guys, i recently bought an ODN 585 Watt are they any good? or are they also a bit troublesome? Another brand i query every now and then is Vantec there 600 Watt Series, are they any good? Davcon mentioned something about gigabyte im from SA myself.

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