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Need help with Dual-Monitors

Recently I have set up an extra monitor but when I go into games of any sort, the second screen would re-size to the right and would not be at full screen; leading it to not be able to view the second monitor fully. Thus my question today is can anybody help me with the solution. Or perhaps someone have had an same experience as myself. My main(first) monitor is 1440x900 and second is at 1024x768. Also I am running on a desktop.
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    This normally happens if you load a fullscreen application on your first monitor that isn't using it's native resolution. For example..

    I run two screens; a 24" as my first and 22" as my second.

    If I run a game (first screen) I MUST run it at 1920x1080 to view my second screen correctly. If I run something on my first screen at say 1440x900, my second screen shows at a larger resolution.

    Do you run games at 1440x900 when you play them?
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  3. Much appreciated :]
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