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I'm a dinasaur with little to no technical understanding of computers. I have a dell inspiron desktop computer, and I'm told my harddrive may be dying. computer has died twice in two weeks. Hard drive is less than 1 year old and is 3rd for this tower. utilities and drivers dvd passes all diagnostics on everything. the other guess thrown out was wiring or motherboard as culprit. very tight limited budget and must get best quality I can as cheaply as possible. I basically surf the web, listen to audiobooks constantly, and play pogo games. It's my main intertainment. Anyway I was shopping for hard drives and see western digital internal green harddrive 750gb that seems reasonable but listed as bare drive and no idea what that means. Also wondering what tower if I have to go that route might fit the bill for me. help please
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    If your Hard Drive is dying, consider this: Back up all your information onto disks. When that is done, get the new HDD, install it into your computer and install a fresh new Operating System.

    My question is:

    How much space is your Hard Drive?
    What is your Operating System?
    What target budget are you looking at?
  2. i'd be more interested in figuring out why this is the 3rd hdd in 1 year. can you run speccy or something similar, and also look at the power supply and tellus what you can from that.

    My current thoughts are that the psu is dying and taking out the HDD's i'd like to have some idea of whats in the PC so we can have a guess at how tightly loaded the psu is.
  3. if your harddrive is less than a year old it is still under warranty. Go to the manufacurers website and download their diagnostic utility and run it. They will not replace it under warranty until you run it anyways so you might as well get it done.

    I'm guessing that your looking at the Ata/IDE version HDD? I've got a friend in the same boat with an Inspiron desktop too. Check on Dells website and make sure it will take a HDD that large before you order.
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