Geforce 9800 gtx and monitor help

Hello, so I've been using that graphics card for a long time and today, after I restarted my computer and for some reason the display from my graphics card to the monitor just remained black. the monitor just goes to sleep mode. the on board graphics card works with the computer but whenever I try to plug the monitor back to the geforce video card, the monitor just goes to sleep. I also tried looking for a solution to this all day and I tried most of them. ie reinstalling drivers, going to setup menu and disabling onboard graphics.
any help is appreciated thanks
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  1. Dumb question but is the 6 pin power connectors connected.
    If you have 2 extra 6pin connectors try them or try another PSU if you can.
  2. the pins are connected and the fan is on for the graphics card.
    the only thing is that whenever i plug it into the monitor, it just goes black screen and sleeps
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    It could be a bad PSU not supplying enough voltage to the card, the video card is bad, or the pcie slot/motherboard is bad.
    Have you tried removing and re-installing the card?
    Have you tried both DVI ports on the card?
    Also post your PC specs.
  4. the psu is fairly new and before this happened, it worked w/ the graphics card. my computer only have 1 pcie slot so i can't test if its bad or not.

    i have tried removing and reinstalling and tried both ports of the card.

    my specs
    AMD athlon 64 x2 duo core 5000+ 2.60 ghz

    3gb ram
  5. Do you have a friend who can loan you another video card or PSU to try. Just because it is a new PSU doesnt mean it isnt bad. Hardware is prone to defects right out of the box it happens all the time.
  6. yea i guess, im going to try the card on another computer tomorrow. if all fails i guess i gotta get another video card
  7. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.
  8. it turns out my graphics card doesn't work, i pluged it in another computer i had and same problem. time to get another graphics card. thanks for the help
  9. I recommend the GTX 460. Good price for the performence.
  10. It will run circles around the 9800GTX.
  11. hmm okay ill take a look into the gtx 460 ty for info!
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