Hdd light blinks amber 5 times

my hdd light is amber instead of green. it is flashing 5 times and only the fans and hd itself are running. it booted just fine since i bought it. the computer/motherboard is a hp p450. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Are you getting any beeps form the Computer itself?
  2. thanks for the help guys it was a faulty memory card i replaced it but the system seems to still be unsteady and for some reason it keeps rebooting and says the clock is not set, the chassis fan is not connected and the memory is lacking by a few gigs(508 out of 512). it goes to the splash screen with the hp logo and just stays like that until i press f10, f8 or f2 after i boot please help. here is some more info about the computer

    MEMORY- 5I2
    BIOS-hp d330
  3. and the computer has no sound card so no beeps
  4. Strange. Usually, a BIOS 'code' beeps.
  5. any ideas
  6. why do u think the computer reboots after the boot screen (its not the hd because i just bought a new one and installed windows xp and windows 98 on it and the hdd led seems to be reading it fine too[and it isn't the power source either because it has a test light and switch and the light is green])
  7. If the clocks keep getting reset your motherboasrd battery is dead that could cause some minor issues but should not affect the performance.
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