9400M vs105M

which one is better between 9400M 256MB shared DDR 3(mac book pro) and 105M 512MB dedicated ddr2 (Gateway)

i'm now using a gateway and i was offered to get a used mac with cheap price.

i'll used it for office purpose but i play some games on it (i do have desktop pc for gaming and notebook is for multiplayer games with my friend outside my home)

i'll just play particular old games like (WOW, CNC General, Counter strike 1.5/1.6) with medium setting on the notebook.

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  1. that 9400M DDR3 is faster than 105M DDR2... :)
  2. really faster?

    9400M is integrated and 105M is dedicated card, and both are produced from nvidia with 105M having higher series?

    ok, i would like to see some reviews or chart about the mobile graphic, so let me know the link

    by the way, anybody using mac book pro 13.3 inch with 2.0GHz CPU + 9400M, what about the average battery life with Mac and with window.

  3. according to the review,

    105M is silightly better than 9400M, right? but i think they are about the same.

    thanks a lot
  4. 105M support directx 10, meanwhile 9400M only support directx 9, but 9400M is ddr3 and 105M is ddr2, they perform nearly the same, so your choice... :)
  5. so i'm now thinking of buying a new acer or asus with core i5 + 5650/330M/335M instead of the used mac book aluminium for little more buck. is this better option?
    how do u think? i have to used that notebook for 2-3 years.
  6. Oh, yes, that acer/asus gpu is more faster than the used mac book. :)
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