Motherboard Stuck On Blue Screens. Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3

Hello, I have been having a problem recently with this new build.

Gigabyte p67a-ud4-b3
Core i5 2500k
8 gig g skill ripjaw 1066 ddr3
ultra x4 850 w psu
raven 3 case + case fans

The problem is upon starting off the build, everything was fine (for a day) since yesterday I noticed that the hard drive, a blue wd caviar 320 gig was running slow so I decided to reboot and run chkdsk (it was making noise too)

Since then, I have been unable to get back into windows.

If I try to reinstall windows from a usb or cd it gives me a cd/dvd driver not found error, and doesn't detect the hdd.

I tried with 1 stick of ram, bios settings etc. I tried bare bones to see if it was psu but still no luck.

I even tried a verified working windows hdd with the computer and I got an immediate bsod but it was too fast to write down error.

I also tried putting the other black wd caviar 320 gig in another comp, installing win7 64 bit and putting in this one; bsod again.

This was also to verify that my install usb was working fine.

I did try to oc the cpu but I never went past 1.34 v(it set it to auto for some reason I lowered immediately) and 4.4ghz it was kind of un-stable; I think I got a bsod so I lowered it to 4.3 and it was running perfectly until this started happening.

The cpu is running at 3.3 ghz now and upon reading, I tried to install with ide mode, upping vtt to 1.2 playing with dram frequency, etc. to no luck.

I have tried sfc and chkdsk on hdds and some times it find error some times it doesn't but it changes nothing.

Is it time to rma the motherboard?

Please Help. I can't find anything on the internet I've spent hours trying to fix on my own.
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  1. nvm, the standoffs were the issue. I have it running chkdsk for the blue caviar sys drive right now for the past few hours, and it's ok. Gonna use only 6 (I added 3 at the back.) and see how it goes. New rule never put extra standoffs. Lol
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