Alright, so I've been running solely off a 720GB 7200rpm HDD for the past could years, with an external 2TB HDD for movies and music etc.. Just bought myself a 128GB SDD on which I plan to clone my OS, as well as all my games and other programs I'd like to run faster. What crucial programs should I make sure are on my SDD, and what is the most efficient way for me to make the transition, i.e. how to get OS, programs etc. onto SDD without win 7 disc.
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  1. Whatever you use most often should go onto the SSD. You can use cloning software to create an image of your HDD drive and put it onto the 128GB drive.... but ONLY if the total contents of your HDD is less than 128GB. In fact, it really should be no bigger than about 80GB (due to page file (which you could change) and over-provisioning of the SSD.

    Also, how much RAM do you have?
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