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First I want to start off by saying I am new to computer building process. I have some idea of how the process works though. However, I would this build to be as easy as possible (that a toddler could do it).

I am looking to build a device to store my ever growing dvd and music collection. I own over 2100 movies at the current time and still growing. I would like something that will allow for the movies to be played in 4 different rooms simultaneously (different movies). It should offer the ability to play Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc. I would like for it to offer a front loader, but this is not etched in stone. I also need to be able to locked some of the contain as it shouldn't be viewed by my son. Since i will be adding movies I need something that will offer auto rip to the hard drive in the easiest process. Also interested to know if there is a program that offers any upscaling on playback (making a standard definition dvd appear in a more HD quality). I need complete hardware, software, and general dynamics for this system. Any help would be truly appreciated.
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  1. I suggest that you look at what "NAS" offerings are available. These are dedicated storage media devices that stream to an entire netowrk. Some are accessable online so you can access them remotely. They generally come with their own software that allows you to apply permissions. NAS = Network Attached Storage. They can also come with Mirror RAID.
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