No Sound, tried every software solution I can, it has to be hardware.

I think the problem is with the motherboard..but I can't be sure

Speakers work fine with any and every other device they are plugged into.

Without realtek installed I have no speaker recognition (but they are plugged into the back panel analog side speaker port ) with realtek AC 97 i get speaker recognition, but still no sound. the audio device shows it is working under both drivers, and the levels in the control bar volume controller work but no sound. What gives!!

I decided it must be vista and installed windows 7, no dice. no sound. I looked on the asus website

after installing 7 and they list this driver

Realtek ALC883 Audio Driver V6.0.1.5390 for Windows 32/64bit Vista.

So I'm in the process of reinstalling VISTA, but i have no official disc, just a recovery disc I made myself so we will see if it works...I might make the damn thing explode.

Please help, here is my rigs specs JIC you guys need to know.

Custom built Quad-core PC with 4GB RAM, 22-inch LCD

CPU: Intel core 2 Quad Q6600 - never overclocked. More info here ->

Motherboard: Asus P5KC - this is a very nice motherboard which can support Core 2 Quad processors and up to 8GBs of RAM. The manual is here ->

Graphic card: EVGA GeForce 9400GT 1GB DDR2 PCI-E 2.0

CPU Fan: Zalman CNPS9700LED Ultra Quiet Cpu Cooler. (This is really quiet)



Case: Antec Sonata III Quiet Mid Tower case. More info here ->

Harddrive: 400GB SATA

Wireless card: Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter with SpeedBooster

Monitor: Dell E228WFP 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

Keyboard and Mouse: Logitech Wireless

Speakers: Creative, please see pictures
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  1. In
    Control Panel> Administrative Tools>Services
    make sure that both Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder are Started and Automatic.
  2. they are both started and automatic
  3. Also try:

    In BIOS > enable onboard audio.
    In Control Panel> Device Manager > check for resource conflicts.

    Make sure you have the mobo's drivers installed after you reinstalled Windows.
  4. do i need to restart to mess w/ bios like usual?

    and i have the resource viewer up, what am i looking for exactly?
  5. A restart is necessary to enter the BIOS.
    See if there is any yellow Exclamation marks next to the sound and game controllers, that would highlight a problem with that device. But first, make sure you have installed all the drivers for the mobo.
    And what speakers do you use?
  6. The other thing to check in the BIOS is make sure the onboard is enabled, and it's set to the correct configuration. I just did a fresh install, and the sound card wasn't working. The issue was I had it set to HD Audio, not AC97. I switched it, and I had sound.
  7. They don't make drivers for windows 7...

    However i've read some forums suggesting their vista drivers work on W7, but when I tried to run the audio ones it said something along the lines of:

    "This program cannot run on this operating system."

    but i checked the resource list and the only conflict i have is with my keyboard (i assume that's because i have a wireless keyboard and mouse that share a USB port?)

    I'll try the bios thing now
  8. HD audio enabled in BIOS

    Front panel type: HD Audio

    other option is AC 97

    no back panel listed...which is where my speakers are plugged in..

  9. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I had the same setting. mine was at HD i jjust switched....we'll see if that'll do it
  10. TH is preventing me from responding more than 3 times i ten minutes. But the front panel audio is now working!!! thanks man! Any thoughts on the back? I'm downloading the realtek ac 97 drivers and crossing my fingers...
  11. The back panel is the one that requires the drivers in order to work. Make sure that you cycle through the connectors on the back panel before deciding if it works or not. I did plug my speakers in the wrong connector once and I went nuts until I realized it.
  12. I'm not sure what is wrong then...I installed the AC 97 drivers today, still nothing. Maybe I just need to restart.
  13. Do a restart and then go into COntrol panel>sound and make sure the realtek is set as default. Also double check the services mentioned before and if all looks ok test the sound again. Play a clip or mp3 and while playing cycle through all the connectors on the back panel.
    Tell us how that goes.
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