Is it possible to install windows on a external hdd??????

Hi, so i just spent about 750$ on a amd based pc and 340$ on a Korean 1440p monitor. So im feeling really broke. I have all the parts for the build ordered except a hdd. So my question is can I install windows on my 500Gb USB 3.0 external hdd get by until I feel a bit richer. I would rather wait if possible so I can pick up a nice ssd rater that a cheep hdd. Thanks for the help!!

Here is a link to my external hdd.

P.S I will be sure to pick a best answer.
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  1. I don't know if you can install Windows 7 or 8 on a USB drive, but I know that you can on an eSATA drive. At the least, that external drive is undoubtedly a SATA drive with an adapter and can be put into the system internally, if you don't mind that.
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    You can, but it's going to run extremely slow, boot times and program launch times will be almost 3 times slower from what you get on a regular HDD. Even with USB3, Windows isn't optimized enough to run efficiently like it does on a SATA HDD. Keep in mind, if you play more than 5 games at a time you will need more than a 120GB SSD to run things out of. Crucial and OCZ are currently working on an SSD NAND that's so efficient it's going to be extremely cheap, however, I have no idea when are they going to release them. I highly recommend you ask one of your friends if they have any HDDs they're not using, you can use it in the meanwhile, it will be much better than an external HDD. Personally, I have 2 backup HDDs that I am willing to lend to friends if they need them, just be a little persuasive and you won't have to install your Windows on an external HDD ;)
  3. ^um... No you can't. Windows 7(and XP/vista) was specifically designed not to allow installs on USB drives.
  4. unksol said:
    ^um... No you can't. Windows 7(and XP/vista) was specifically designed not to allow installs on USB drives.

    I've installed XP on USB drives. Vista and newer, I think you're right about them not allowing it. I never managed to get any of them except for XP to work when I tried it.
  5. Whether you can or not isn't as much the issue as the fact that you shouldn't. However, Every external drive contains a traditional internal drive inside it. So if you don't care about the warranty of your external, just open it up and grab the drive, install it in your new computer and then when you can buy more drives you can get your external up and running again. Or if you can afford it, just buy that cheap hard drive, and when you get an SSD you can leave the hard drive in the computer for file storage.
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