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Hey, I am building a new computer and i want to get it as cheap as possible but i want it to be good for gaming IDK if thats possible but it don't hurt to ask any ideas?? thanks
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  1. whats your budget is the most important question.
  2. +1 to squirrel
  3. anywhere between $400 to $575 i know thats not much of a range but thats all i got to work with ...hope you can understand
  4. and just the tower i dont need the monitor or speakers or anything like that
  5. $578AR if within reach?
  6. Here are a few items. I don't know what resolution you play at but the card could be down graded to a 5750 ( 1gig ) if you need to save a little money. It was tough to put together a killer but this should do. I did not include an operating system. You'll have to add for that.... unless you don't need one.

    mobo-video combo
  7. Bat's build, of the two
  8. Hmm upon reflection with some crazy price cuts on certain h/w a couple of hours ago:

    a 925 Deneb + GTX 460 1GB/256 bit build for $494AR
  9. lol bat can't you NOT win?
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