HD cannot be opened to retrive existing data with SATA Adapter Cable

Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble accessing files on a 2.5” laptop HD that I removed from a previous laptop with a SATA to USB adapter cable.

The old drive is a Western Digital Scorpio Black 500 GB HD.

The OS installed on the HD was Windows XP 32 bit Home.

I am trying to transfer it to an HP Elitebook 8460p laptop running Windows 7 64 bit Professional.

My old Dell Latitude has a failing motherboard and it reboots frequently and unexpectedly. I am confident that the HD is in perfect working order, and it is the motherboard that is the problem. I can get away with transferring files onto my 16 GB USB drive and I have recovered most of my documents this way, but when it comes to the remainder of the larger files still out there including the majority of my music and pictures, I cannot get them off of the computer at this point. When I hook up my 1 TB External Drive and try to transfer a large volume of files from the Dell onto my new HP laptop it will freeze or reboot before it makes much progress.

So my goal was to hookup the HD from the Dell to a SATA to USB adapter cable (with it’s own power source BTW) and transfer everything off of it.

When I start up the WD drive it is recognized by the system with its drive letter, but my laptop gives me a message saying that it needs to be formatted before I can use it. Obviously I am avoiding doing that!

Here is what I am seeing when I open up disk management:

X is the drive I am trying to access.

Is it having a problem because it is identifying the drive as RAW?

Is there anyway to change that?

I have no idea why it would be listed as RAW file system.

I also just noticed that when I go to eject the drive it is calling it a USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Trying to take all of my music and pictures off of the old USB would be like trying to bail out a boat with a dixie cup.
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  1. Anyone? Would really appreciate the advice here.
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