I currently have a 9800GT and a corsair 650 PSU. My question is considering I have ran my computer 24/7 for two years now, if I should replace my PSU when I buy the GTX 460
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  1. Nah, Corsair is one of the best brands you can buy and a 650w by them is enough for 2 GTX 460s. Even after 2 years at 24/7 it should be more than capable.
  2. +1^
    Both HX/TX 650s can handle a GTX 460(or 2 of them) just fine.
  3. Thank you for the quick responses. =) I had a bad experience with a PSU a few years back and been a bit paranoid ever since. I just couldn't find a way to calculate if/or any wattage had been lost.
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