Raid problems

GA-990fxa-ud3 version 1.0
amd phenom 2 3.4ghs x4
xfx ati radeon 4650
4 western digital 1 tb each in raid 5 array
2 seagates 1 tb each
sata add on card for opitcal drives

Set up my raid. functional at first and boots up into windows 7 and i can see the array drive
but when i restart the system it is critical because i go down a drive. seems like it is e same drive which is in the 4:01 slot

i have made it two different times. i dont want it to keep doing this.

I can not use raid if it is going to be unstable, how do i fix this?
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  1. Did you replace the drive that keeps on failing? Are you using drives that are certified for RAID?
  2. Ya im using caviar black drives western digital says they are good for software raid

    Not yet I checked the drives with the western digital utility and they say they are good also replaced the cables same problem
  3. Did you replace the drive which is in the 4:01 slot? Is it the only one that drops from the array?
  4. The warrenty replacement is on the way
  5. BTW - Western Digital, except Enterprise, do NOT have TLER support which makes them horrible RAID (any) drives.

    IMO - Use Seagate, Hitachi, or Samsung they all have their versions of "TLER" on ALL their HDD's.

    TLER -
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