Chech those two builds

CPU: Intel i5 760 or AMD 1055t

MB: asus P7H55 gigabyte 880G

GPU: VTX 5450
PSU: 470 W odin
Ram: Evone DDR3 1333G 2GB U-DIMM 128MX8

what should i take ?

is there any thing wrong with it ?

and for the ram they are the cheapest

is it ok to get cheap ram
and what is the harm on doing that ?
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  1. Since you are seem to be trying to go cheap on the RAM, get the AMD 1055T cause its cheaper then the i5 plus its also a 6-core cpu, which will do you better.

    The gigabyte MOBO is good, but you can probably find a cheaper one and use to extra funds to get a better video card. Try Abit, and ASUS.

    GPU: dude you want something better. Check out an GTS 450, or an HD 5670, both are around $110-120, but unless you dont plan to game you want at least one of these.

    PSU, dont spend any less then like $40 on a PSU, you want one that will last. Corsair, Coolermaster, and OCz are good companies.

    For RAM, good stuff will do you good. G-SKill is my first suggestion, but if you are in a pinch, look at Corsair and Kingston. However you want some G-Skill.

    My biggest suggestion is to spend a little less on a CPU and spread out the money more. An AMD Phenom II x4 925 is a really good CPU for the price.

  2. I like the Asus board with the i5 760 and the card should work fine with either mobo. You'll get a little more performance out of the i5 then you will the 1055T. As far as the ram goes you need to look at the Qualified Vendors List for each board before you buy any to make sure the memory you've chosen is supported for that board. If those are the only model numbers for that board here is a link to download the QVL to pick something that will work. If there are other numbers on it like M or M-LE like that it will be a different list. The Evone is not listed on it so I wouldn't get it. There's usually a reason why it's cheap but if you're on a budget just make sure it's compatible and you should be fine. Never go with a cheap PSU. Even if you don't think you're building a high end system a cheap psu will still burn itself out quickly and maybe take out other components also. Here's a great Corsair 450W PSU for only $65 after rebate.
    If you give us a budget to work with and what you will be using your system for we can probably do a good job of helping you.
  3. thanks guys for all the help not all of the component are avalible in my country

    i looked on the internet

    and found that h55 board are no good with i5 760 is that true ?

    if it's i will get a gigabyte p55
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