Building my New PC any suggestions

Well I've been saving up for a while and i'm really really going nuts for some of the grreat games that came up like civ 5, sc2, moderwarfare2...

well its like this i've got very little cash in my pocket and im trying to build my pc here's some of the specs im planning please give any comments on what would be good for me...

phenom II X4 3.4ghz
2x 2gb ddr3 memory
gigabyte 880gm-usb3 880g/sb710 hd4250hybrid crossfire x
1 gb radeon 5770 gddr5 128bit
1 terabyte hdd

oh and which is better LED monitor or LCD? with respect to both performance and durability...

would the crossfire x work?
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  1. LED monitors are LCD monitors. The LED part just refers to the back lighting. Mainly it makes the back lighting a bit more uniform; nice but not a big deal.
    The parts you picked out look pretty decent for a budget gaming computer. The motherboard you listed is not capable of normal crossfire as it has only one PCIEx16 slot.
  2. sorry for the noob question but what about the 4250 hybrid crossfire x listed in the box.. im really new to this and building my own pc with crossfire/sli is a bit overwhelming for me.

    thank you for the quick response.
  3. Hybrid crossfire is crossfiring a discrete card with the onboard video. It can only be done with certain rather weak cards of the HD3000 series I believe and was never particularly useful in the first place, except perhaps on certain laptops.
    If you would like to be able to add a second HD5770 in the future you will need a motherboard with 2 PCIEx16 slots, preferably operating at at least x8/x8. Something like this would be a good choice;
  4. wow $90 is a bit off my range can you suggest anything a bit cheaper im really way above my budget here with this price
  5. That's actually a pretty good deal for a decent crossfire board. If that's too much just stick with the board you already were looking at and forget about crossfire.
    Alternately you could instead change the processor to this one;
    It is Phenom II x2 but it is actually a x4 processor with 2 of the cores locked. The motherboard can be used to unlock the other cores. It isn't guaranteed to work but the odds are actually very good(over 80%.) Check out the user reviews and search for "unlock." You'll see tons of people having success and only a handful that it didn't work for. It is a risk but the odds are good and if you are on a budget you have to cut corners somewhere.
  6. Im Not Against ATI Afterall I AM An AMD Fan, But Heres A Much Better Solution, Faster And Cost A Little Less;

    Keep Everything Else But Exchange Your Original GPU For This;

    And Exchange The CPU You Chose For This;

    It Should Kick Some A** And Take Names
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